We walk the talk and we continue to stand firm behind our values

Thank you Sherif. Unfortunately not all the headhunters have this great approach. I do not want to work with any other headhunters anymore.
If I may, all my compliments for your professionalism. It's rarely seen in your industry. Other headhunters are less scrupulous and tend to throw in any candidate that can match more or less the client's recruitment criteria.
I truly appreciated the clarity with which you approach your business and the transparency you award those you do business with. 
Thanks again for having the trust of placing me. It is even more challenging than either one of us could have imagined, but it is great and just what I needed.
It was very interesting to hear about you, your career and your company. Especially, I was impressed by listening to your way of making business by always having your core values in mind. Not many people are able to stand so firm behind their values, as I heard you describing it.
It is refreshing, to experience this fresh breeze in the market. Thanks for your candid view. It is indeed always very valuable to count on trustworthy and experienced opinions..
Thank you! You always helped me to keep on track. Now I make a great experience while I regain my self-respect.