Increaseself-awareness, identify and create customized attractive preferred future/solution

Coaching objective it to increase self-awareness of shortcomings and growth opportunities as a leader; to understand own behavior and its impact on others, while developing interpersonal and team leadership skills. This applies to the following situations: a) Talent performance & development, b) Change leadership behavior, c) Outplacement, d) Career review & development, and e) Work-life balance. 

Change is the only constant factor in our work-life and things may get worse and chaotic before they get better. It is important to recognize when to change, since what got you here won’t get you there. What is worth to you to be personally and professionally satisfied and fulfilled for the next coming years? Change can positively be triggered once we start releasing our emotions (such fear, mental pain and frustrations) resulted from the non-fulfilment and/or a violation of our key human needs „SCOAP“ (Self-Esteem, Control, Orientation, Attachment & Pleasure). Once emotions are released, the mind is relaxed and our awareness about „SCOAP“ is increased while the brain is allowed to visualize the future perfect i.e. the fulfilment of those needs.

Minds & Brains designed an integrated and comprehensive coaching approach "Personal & Professional Life Orientation" (PPLO) to help you achieving a sustainable personal and professional transformation aligned with your passion and goals through the three phases illustrated below to: