Making a positive difference in people's lives

Minds & Brains Consulting is a Swiss based International Executive Search and Coaching company founded by Sherif Gabr; a passionate executive. Our behavior and actions are fully independent and aligned to our values and principles regardless the consequences. We are acting as your trusted partner to support you in executing your corporate strategy effectively and closing the recruiting, performance and development gap. Our business, operational experience, affinity and flexibility are our key success factors. Clients, candidates and Tier-I competitors have acknowledged our approach as thorough, different and as a fresh breeze rarely experienced in the industry.

Our aim is to make a positive difference in people’s lives through our services International Executive Search & Coaching and corporate social responsibility efforts. Just imagine; to be personally and professionally satisfied and fulfilled for the next coming years. We share the harvest i.e. for each invoice we issue, we donate a fix amount to support children in need through organizations such Rokpa in Tibet, Room to Read in Asia & Africa, Plan in Egypt and Rotary in India.

Our services

• Executive Search incl. competency based assessment  Executive Sparring Partner  Work-Life Balance Coaching

Our differentiated selling proposition (DSP):

 Speaking client's and candidate's language while leveraging gained operational experience

• Commitment to strong values and behaviors while focusing on the long term relationship 

 Robust selection process supported by global multi-channel search

 Integrated and comprehensive coaching approach "Personal & Professional Life Orientation" (PPLO)